Week One

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So the compost pile is growing. Picking up from three cafes in the area takes about 30minutes a day. Popping that waste into the compost and then covering it with leaves takes another 30 minutes as I’m measuring and weighing everything that goes in. I’m collecting all of the waste from one cafe. Sorting this waste also takes about 30 minutes. I sort it into four piles, organic, recycling, soft plastic (which is recyclable for anyone, check out REDcycle) and landfill. Organics make up most of the weight of the waste, recycling usually wins on volume, but even then organics can sometimes win out.

I can feel the heat starting to build in the compost. Tomorrow I’ll spend some time turning it all and checking out how those compostable take away coffee cups are doing in the break down process.

When I tell people what I’m doing they sometimes react with a bit of horror and I have to admit it is a bit gross at times but I still find it fascinating. That could of course change after 8 weeks of it.

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